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A Perfect Day for a Baseball Game

We finally got to a Tiger game. We had been talking about it for a couple of years now but it just didn't work out. We had great seats along the third base line, thirteen rows from the field. Melissa actually ordered the tickets back in April as a surprise for me. The other big part of the weekend was that it was the first time since Henry was born that we didn't have the kids with us. My mom watch them overnight. Previously, no matter where we went we either came back the same day or brought the kids with us.
We got to the hotel in the afternoon and killed a few hours between the Hotel and the Greektown casino. The hotel was nice enough inside with good views of downtown. It is across the street from the GM Rennaisance Center which we explored only minimally. We were actually only there because a hotel worker was rather confused about the people mover. It seems this guy didn't realize that the people mover stopped in the building the hotel occupies. They told us we had to go across the road to the Rennaisance Center and get on it there. The other odd thing was that the building had a couple of floors of retail space that was almost completely closed on the weekends. The exception was the hotel restaurant and a party store in the lobby. I would have thought the hotel did not enough weekend business to support the retail being open.

We took the Detroit People Mover to the Greektown casino. I was not impressed. They were still working on the building but it was a nice enough looking place. The gambling was less than enjoyable though. We're not much into gambling we just hit the penny and nickel slots. I figure the eight bucks we went through lasted about eight minutes of actual gambling time. It was more enjoyable looking at the machines and the people. I still do not see the appeal of slot machines and I wouldn't go back to Greektown. If we were in Detroit again we might stop into one of the other casinos but they certainly wouldn't be a primary destination.

The game was great. The weather was perfect and we had plenty of time to explore the stadium. There's significantly more retail than I remember from Tiger Stadium. In fact, even though it is primarily a giant food court I almost think you could leave the place open when there isn't a game. We did manage to find some souvenirs. The souvenir shop at the Stadium was huge and packed most of the time. Despite the cost of most of the stuff, we were able to find a couple of nice t-shirts for not too much. The game itself was good. It was close for about half the game before the tigers pulled it out against Seattle.

Sunday morning was spent with Melissa's friend Ebony. It was good to see her again and we spent quite a while catching up. We finally headed out early afternoon. We didn't see much of Detroit but we wanted to get back to my mom's to pickup the kids and spend some time with them. It turns out that they had a lot of fun with Grandma. It helps that her yard is big enough that it is like a park. They can run around without having to worry about traffic or getting to far away.


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