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We've spent a little more time getting to know the local healthcare system than I would like lately. However, all in all the one thing that strikes me as just unnaturally stupid is billing. Everything else we've dealt with I can handle as just natural human strengths and weaknesses. However, why is it that it takes six months for me to get billed for something. I've known this happens and I fully expected. I've even heard stories from friends of bill's that do not show up until a year or two later. Regardless, could somebody give me a real reason why it took six months to bill me for my son's hospital stay?

I'll spare you what I think about getting billed for something that was paid two or three weeks prior to the bill's date.

On a side note, Melissa's still sore but she's improving and seems to have reached the "itchy" stage. I'm told this is good. :-)


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