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Tethered Spinal Cord Syndrome/Tight Filum Terminale

Well, today was a less than fun day. We finally learned how a hairy butt dimple can be very bad. It seems Samantha has Tethered Cord Syndrome. More specifically, she has tight filum terminale. I've found a couple of good explanations on what it is at Columbia University and here.

The gist of it is that the spinal cord grows slower than the column itself. If it can't float around and what not than bad things happen. In her case the filum which should stretch and allow the cord to move without stress isn't doing so. It is also my understanding that this is one of the least bad of the various Tethered Cord variations. The pediatric neurologist wants to wait until she's nine months old and than do another MRI. Apparently this will allow him to get a better look for when he goes in to do the surgery.

On a lighter note, be glad you don't have to explain this.


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