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My little man

So my baby is finally almost 1 year old. I can not believe that last year this time I was a huge whale of a pregnant women waiting for his arrival. He is just so cute now. He knows how to play patty cake, and peek-a-boo. It is kinda funny. I just love his little tantrums that he throws. If you have not seen it, it is funny. He starts to cry sits down then trouws his head on the ground if he does not get his way. He will do it anywhere. He is very naughty though too. He pulls hair at the daycare and bites and pulls chads glasses off his face. These habits we are in the process of breaking, he thinks it is a game though, no matter if you swattle his butt or not.

We are introducing new foods to him also. He likes cheese, I gave him some of my ice cream the other day, he did not like the cold at first, but then was like give me more. Wait to go mommy give him something that he should not have. He had some of my popsicle too. So cute. He really does not like to pick up soft foods, he proceeds to squish them in his hands. He loves cheerios and animal crackers the most.

He also now kicks and throws balls to you and likes to play with my parents dogs. Oh he can say the words, dog, yes, hello very well. it is so cute. He waves out the window.

I am doing well, I finally have stopped throwing up. the only thing is the low fat diet I am on for my gallstone sucks. I have strayed from it a little though. I have an ultrasound on the 19th of Oct and hope to post the pics of the new baby then. Well thats it for now.


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