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Another Funeral

This weekend was the funeral of my uncle Ed. It hasn't been a good year.
Melissa's grandpa on her mom's side passed on, as did Ruth on her dad's side.
My Grandpa Thelen and now my uncle Ed have also gone. I've been staring at the
screen for a while now trying to figure out what to say. I've been thinking back
of the last few days and the last fifteen years.

Henry had no idea anything was wrong. He's probably already forgotten most of
the weekends events. Any left will be gone before too long. The only thing he'll
know aobut today and the people involved will be the stories well tell. He was
a pretty happy kid though. He felt all was right with the world. He had people
to play with, he got fed when he was hungry, and his diaper got changed. This
fits with my theory that kids start out with brains and wisdom we can't hope to
understand. Their decline starts as they learn the world we built isn't the
world the kind of world that they or anyone else truely wants to live in. We'd
rather spend our time and energy acquiring things rather than making things any
better. We'll spend a thousand dollars on an entertainment center even though
one that cost half as much would not only meet our needs but would be good
enough that we couldn't tell the difference anyway.

I could see his face but I couldn't remember his voice. I knew it used to be
there but it was just gone. I did't know when it happened. I didn't realize it
was missing. However, over the weekend Doug was talking about how he just could
not really remember Dad. Its understandale. He was so young when it happened. He
said he could vaguely recall some images but couldn't remember his voice. I've
spent a lot of time over the weekend cataloging memories. It just seems like
there are so few left. I can only barely remember his voice. How long will it be
before that too is gone?


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